The Southern Sudanese Community of San Diego

The SSCCSD is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in 1995 with the mission to assist all Sudanese refugees in their resettlement through education, social, economic, and cultural support. We guide them towards self-sufficiency and full integration into American society while respecting their dignity as new Americans. 

The SSCCSD provides support for those who have immigrated from war torn South Sudan. Most of it's staff is unpaid volunteers who donate their time to support refugee communities.

Southern Sudanese Community Center
4077 Fairmount Ave - San Diego, CA 92105

There are approximately 6,000 Southern Sudanese refugees in San Diego. They have been forced to leave their country because of ongoing religious, ethnic and political persecution. All of them spend a great deal of time in the refugee camps before being admitted into the United States of America. 

Why should YOU help Refugees of South Sudan? 
Unlike other immigrants, most Sudanese speak very little English, are uneducated and have no skills to prepare for them employment in the U.S. About 65% are women and many are widows and single parents due to the devastation of civil war in Sudan and the ongoing crisis in Darfur. They have many needs. Job training, emotional support and acculturation are just a few.  

Your support is needed today.